Digital Media

Digital media can be an entertaining way to introduce content and raise issues in the sexual health classroom. Many digital media formats and videos are available. It is important to find the right media and to use it effectively to ensure student learning is optimized. It is always a good idea to have digital media approved by administration. Alberta Education has an online Learning Resources Centre that has many resources including video resources.

Advantages of Digital Media

  • Keeps groups attention
  • Stimulates discussion
  • Illustrates complex, abstract concepts through animated, 3-D images or technologically advanced media


1. Preview the media

  • Use only those parts of the media that match the lesson’s objectives.
  • Ensure the media is appropriate for the grade and age.
  • Provide an opportunity for parents or other community members to preview the media.
  • Evaluate your resource before the class views it by using a checklist for new resources.

2. Prepare the classroom

  • Check equipment (projector, computer, DVD, website, remote control).
  • Arrange seating.
  • Cue the media ahead of time.

3. Include lead-in activities

  • Review vocabulary or key concepts.
  • Ask students to make predictions about what they will see and learn.
  • Provide focus questions in advance.

4. Segment your viewing

  • Pause the media before and after important points are made to highlight a certain idea or to check for comprehension.
  • Solicit inferences and predictions or ask students to make connections to other topics or real-world events.
  • Use “pause” to create a still picture when important visuals are used.

5. Include follow-up activities

  • Many programs come with a teacher’s guide that provides activity suggestions.
  • Small Group Discussion.
  • Role Play.

Tips for Using  Digital Media

  • Don’t forget that every type of media comes with a “stop” button.
  • Leave the lights on to reinforce the fact that media is not passive entertainment.
  • Try eliminating either the sound or the picture. Taking sound out allows you to provide your own narration that is tailored to your students’ needs. Taking the picture away (turn down the brightness) encourages students to concentrate on the message.


Demonstration Videos – Use online videos to demonstrate proper condom and latex barrier usage.

  • Male Condom Video
  • Female Condom Video
  • Latex Barrier Video