Presentations & Slides


Contraceptive Methods
PowerPoint presentation that looks at different methods of contraception available, how they work, and their effectiveness. Includes links to condom demonstrations. For use in Grades 8 through CALM only.

Sexually Transmitted Infections
PowerPoint presentation that reviews Sexually Transmitted Infections including HIV and AIDS. It examines causes, symptoms and prevention. Also includes links to condom, female condom, and latex barrier demonstrations. For use in Grades 8 through CALM only.


Please click on the links below to find the slides in PowerPoint®. This will allow you to use your LCD projector in the classroom.

Grade 4

Puberty Changes: Body Types

Puberty Changes: The Me To Be

Grade 5

Anatomy & Physiology: Fertilization

Anatomy & Physiology: Implantation

Anatomy & Physiology: Male Reproductive System

Anatomy & Physiology: Female Reproductive System

Anatomy & Physiology: Menstrual Cycle

Anatomy & Physiology: Sperm Production

Grade 6

Fetal Development: 1st Trimester

Fetal Development: 2nd Trimester

Fetal Development: 3rd Trimester

Fetal Development: Anatomy Bingo

Fetal Development: Conception

Fetal Development: Exploring Fetal Development

Fetal Development: Fertilization

Fetal Development: Fraternal Twins

Fetal Development: Genetics

Fetal Development: Pregnancy

Fetal Development: Promoting Healthy Fetal Development

Fetal Development: Identical Twins

Grade 7

Choosing Abstinence: Refusal Skills

Sexual Development: Female Anatomy

Sexual Development: Male Anatomy

Grade 8

Abuse: Choosing to Disclose

Abuse: Cycle of Abuse

Abuse: How Survivors May Cope

Abuse: Indicators of Abuse

Abuse: Supporting A Friend

Abuse: Types of Abuse

Rates of Puberty Change: Different Rates of Growth

Responsibilities and Consequences: Responsibilities

Studying Contraception: Male Anatomy

Studying Contraception: Female Anatomy

Grade 9

Pregnancy & Parenting: Babysitter Wanted

Reducing Risk: Could it Happen

Safer Sex: How to Use a Condom

Safer Sex: Types of Communication

Sexual Assault: Awareness Campaign

Sexual Assault: Defining Assault

Sexual Assault: Scenario Questions

Sexual Assault: What to Do in a Crisis


Contraception: Female Anatomy

Contraception: Male Anatomy

Contraception: Effectiveness Rates: Pregnancy

Decision Making: Model Decision Making

Decision Making: Talking about Sex

Decision Making: Ways of Communicating

Personal Values: Know Your Values

STI: Role Plays