Grade 7

Integrating Comprehensive School Health- Grade 7
Some examples of how to integrate the comprehensive school health model into your Sexual Health Education program.

  • Choosing Abstinence- Lesson 1
    Examine the importance of abstinence/postponement, explore alternatives to sexual activity, and identify ways to say no to sexual activity.

  • Decision Making- Lesson 1
    Encourage students to explore their own ideas and values about becoming sexually active.

  • Decision Making- Lesson 2
    Supplementary activities that offer the student who may choose alternatives to abstinence an opportunity to make informed decisions that respect their own values.

  • Evaluation Overview- Grade 7
    Use a marking guide reflecting all of the grade seven lesson plans and activities found on the website.

  • Junior (7-9): Le Développement Sexuel Leçon Rapide
    Le présent plan de leçon vise à fournir au personnel enseignant une méthode simple et rapide d'aborder la puberté au cycle intermédiaire. Il peut servir de révision aux élèves qui ont étudié la puberté au palier élémentaire ou comme point de départ aux élèves qui n'ont pas encore étudié ce sujet.

  • Junior (7-9): Sexual Development Quick Lesson
    This lesson plan provides teachers with a quick and easy approach to puberty for Junior High. It may be used as a review for students who investigated puberty at the elementary level or as a starting point for students who have not yet covered the topic. Teachers may want to supplement this lesson with some of the more comprehensive plans available on the website.

  • Prise De Décision- Cours 1
    Les exercices de ce cours encouragent les élèves à explorer leurs propres idées et valeurs concernant le fait de devenir actif sexuellement.

  • Sexual Development- Lesson 1
    An overview of human sexual anatomy and physiology, menstruation, sperm production, conception and fertilization.

  • Sexual Development- Lesson 2
    An opportunity to examine changes that occur during puberty, to identify misunderstandings associated with sexual development, and to identify sources of good information and support.

  • SMART- Puberty Changes Game notebook
    Step one of this activity will indicate which puberty changes happen to whom: boys, girls, or both. The second step categorizes the puberty changes into what type of changes they are: physical/ body, emotional/feeling, and social/relationship changes. (SMART™ Notebook software required.)

  • Social Influences- Lesson 1
    Students are presented with messages about sexuality from a number of sources. This lesson helps students identify and decipher these messages, determine which ones to listen to, and learn how to filter out the negative messages.

  • Social Influences- Lesson 2
    Social influences on gender roles and equity are examined to ensure students develop skills to balance the messages received against the values they hold.

  • Social Influences- Lesson 3
    Raise student awareness of the influence various sources can have on body image and behaviour.

Evaluation Overview- Grade 7
Use a marking guide reflecting all of the grade seven lesson plans and activities found on the website.