CALM (10-12)

Contraception- Lesson 1
This lesson focuses on exploring the different contraceptive methods.

Contraception- Cours 1
Ce cours porte sur l’exploration des diverses méthodes contraceptives.

Contraception- Lesson 2
This lesson encourages students to explore various issues around contraception including personal values and beliefs about contraception, reasons adolescents don't use contraception or use it improperly, and scenarios encouraging proper use of contraception if choosing to be sexually active.

Decision Making- Lesson 1
The aim of this lesson is to examine setting sexual limits and values which helps students to maintain congruency between their actions/behaviours and their values.

Examining Abstinence- Lesson 1
This lesson focuses on exploring how teens can make healthy and responsible decisions about future sexual activity.

Pregnancy & Parenting- Lesson 1
This lesson will ask students to think about the options available to pregnant teens and clarify each choice from a value neutral stance. Students will then be asked to evaluate what is involved when raising a child and the implications for each parent in the future.

Personal Values- Lesson 1
This lesson will help students explore their own ideas and values about sexuality. Taking time to think about values can help students when they have to make decisions that guide future behaviour.

Relationships Lesson 1- Building Healthy Relationships
This lesson encourages students to think about how they develop and maintain healthy relationships and to discuss how to identify expectations and commitments in different types of relationships.

Établir des Relations Saines- Cours 1
Pendant l’adolescence, les relations offrent des opportunités d’épanouissement personnel et de développement de l’estime de soi. Ce cours encourage les étudiants à réfléchir sur leur façon de développer et maintenir des relations saines. Les étudiants pourront discuter sur la manière d’identifier les attentes et les engagements dans différents types de relations.

Relationships Lesson 2- Dating, More Than Just Friends?
This lesson encourages students to think about the important qualities of intimate relationships by identifying what first attracts people to one another and what helps a relationship grow and change.

Relationships Lesson 3- When Relationships Change
This lesson encourages students to consider how relationships progress from the first meeting, through dating and eventually, if a couple chooses sexual activity.

Relationships Lesson 4- Identifying Unhealthy Relationships
This lesson encourages students to identify some of the signs of an unhealthy relationship, communication skills to help deal with the problems, and when necessary strategies for ending relationships.

Relationships Lesson 5- Addressing Violence In Relationships
This lesson allows students to identify warning signs of being a victim of violence and strategies to deal with abusive relationships.

Sexual and Gender Minorities- Lesson 1
This lesson helps students to examine the impact of homophobia and heterosexism, and to develop behaviours that respect sexual diversity.

SMART- Categorizing Contraception notebook
Four categories are used to organize contraceptive methods in this activity. The categories help to explain characteristics of each type of contraception. (SMART™ Notebook software required.)

SMART- Categorizing STI notebook
There are three categories of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), each category indicates the causes of the STI. (SMART™ Notebook software required.)

STI/HIV- Lesson 1
This lesson helps students define and learn about STI/HIV, as well as describes symptoms, effects, treatments, and prevention for common sexually transmitted infections.

STI/HIV- Lesson 2
This lesson helps students understand how knowing about STI/HIV and STI/HIV prevention can help them make sexually healthy choices, and provides students with an opportunity to practice skills required to make those choices.

Substance Use & Sexual Decision Making- Lesson 1
The aim of this lesson is to help students to: consider the relationship between substance use and sexual decision-making, examine why students choose to use substances before engaging in sexual activity, and understand the consequences of combining alcohol, drugs and sex.

Substance Use & Sexual Decision Making- Lesson 2
This lesson on substance use and sexual decision-making is the second in a series of two. This lesson will help students to learn how to minimize their sexual health risks if they choose to use alcohol and drugs, and learn about the school and community resources available to help with alcohol, drug, or sexual health issues.

Taking Care of Yourself- Lesson 1
This lesson helps students to understand ways of taking care of their bodies using breast self exam and testicular self exam. Students will also learn about the services health care professionals can provide for them.

L'autogestion de la Sante - Cours 1
Ce cours enseigne aux étudiants à être proactifs pour avoir une bonne santé sexuelle, en présentant les principaux examens de santé, les techniques d’auto-examen et les facteurs de risque. L’objectif de ce cours est de rendre les adolescents plus à l’aise pour discuter des soins de santé reproductive et sexuelle.

Evaluation Overview- CALM
Use a marking guide reflecting all of the CALM lesson plans and activities found on the website.

Integrating Comprehensive School Health- CALM
Some examples of how to integrate the comprehensive school health model into your Sexual Health Education program.