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Send us your sexual health education curriculum questions. If you are a student and you have a question please visit Be sure to visit our examples of classroom questions for answers to some common questions.

Note: The purpose of Ask a Question is for teacher-classroom educational purposes only. If a student has a sexual health concern that needs to be addressed immediately, contact your local public health nurse or physician.

If you are sending a question from a student, please specify the age, gender, and grade of the student so we can answer the question appropriately. Give us as much information as possible without compromising the confidentiality of the student. If you have questions about curriculum or resources, please tell us the topic, grade etc. about which you want more information.

Your question will be answered by a sexual health nurse/educator within 7 working days depending on email volume. If that is not quick enough for your question, please call your health curriculum coordinator or principal in your school.


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