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Who We Are

Teachingsexualhealth.ca is an innovative website developed by Alberta educators and health professionals. The website offers up-to-date, evidence-based information and strategies for teachers and educators in four main areas: Lesson Plans, Teaching Tools, Community Agencies, and Resources. It is based on a theoretical framework that incorporates the Resilience, Social Learning, and Comprehensive School Health models. Lesson plans correspond with the curriculum outcomes for Alberta Education’s Program of Studies. Throughout, there are notations that help teachers address the various spiritual, cultural and gender issues of students. In addition, the website offers lesson plans for students of differing abilities (special needs). Learning opportunities allow teachers and educators to learn about best practice, methods, and Alberta Education outcomes. Online workshops are provided to public school teachers in Alberta at no charge.

Teachers also have access to online educators in sexual health who will assist them with curriculum and student classroom questions. The Teaching Tools section provides information and strategies to help teachers prepare for sexual health education. The website includes provincial community agency resources, illustrations, statistics, PowerPoint® slides, updates and links to other relevant websites.

Our philosophy reflects the approach to sexual health education embodied in Health Canada’s (2008) Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education. The Guidelines are based on the principle that sexual health education should be accessible to all people and that it should be provided in an age appropriate, culturally sensitive manner that is respectful of an individual’s right to make informed choices about sexual and reproductive health.1

We believe that sexual health education honours the self-worth and dignity of the individual and does not discriminate against race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethno-cultural background or disability. Education in sexual health needs to be structured so that attitudinal and behavioural changes arise out of informed choice. Effective sexual health education encompasses a lifespan approach, providing information, motivational support and skill-building opportunities that are relevant to people at different ages and stages in their lives. It instills awareness of the impact of one’s own behaviour on others, stressing that sexual health is an interactive process that requires respect for the self and others.

1Alexander McKay, Sexual Health Education in the Schools: Questions and Answers. The Sex Information and Education Council of Canada ,Toronto, Ontario. The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, Vol. 13 (3-4) Fall/Winter 2004.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help teachers, educators, and parents achieve excellence in teaching sexual health.

Our History

  • In the spring of 2001, Calgary Health Region’s Sexual & Reproductive Health Education Team (now part of Alberta Health Services, Calgary Zone) obtained seed funding from Alberta’s Health Innovation Fund to develop an interactive, sexual health education website for teachers. Serving as an exemplar of community and inter-Ministerial collaboration, the website was initially made up of a partnership involving the assistance of several organizations related to sexual and reproductive health and education within Alberta. Over the next 2 years, more than 100 dedicated teachers, health educators, parents and students worked together to develop this innovative, evidence-based website.
  • In January 2005, a new provincial steering committee was formed to develop and market the website at a provincial level.
  • In 2007, teachingsexualhealth.ca was recognized as a leading health care practice by Accreditation Canada.
  • In April 2010, the website was realigned with Alberta Health Services provincial Healthy Living department. The website is maintained by the provincial Reproductive Health team.
  • September 2010, the website launched online teacher workshops. Over 100+ teachers across the province have successfully completed our workshops.
  • November 2012, marks teachingsexualhealth.ca’s 10 year anniversary providing comprehensive sexual health education resources.
  • Current funding for this initiative is provided by Alberta Health Services.

Did you know? This website utilizes the expertise of physicians, nurses, social workers, educators, public health, health promotion, and health marketing professionals.

Provincial Working Group Members/Partners

Individuals and agencies on the Working Group have given dedication, professional direction and support to the project. They are our backbone:

  • Alberta Health Services- Provincial Reproductive Health
  • Calgary Zone
  • Alberta Health
  • Alberta Education
  • Alberta Society for the Promotion of Sexual Health (ASPSH)
  • Calgary Board of Education (CBE)
  • Edmonton Public School Board
  • Edmonton Zone
  • Central Zone
  • Foothills School Division (FSD)
  • South Zone
  • North Zone
  • Teacher Representative

Our Thanks

We would like to thank the following people and agencies that helped to create this website. Their presence allowed for a truly collaborative approach, and one that has significantly enriched the website.

  • Alberta Health Services, Calgary Zone for providing the original framework and content expertise to the website over the years. We thank the Sexual and Reproductive Health Education Team for their continued efforts and support.
  • Public health nurses, sexual health educators and support staff from around Alberta provided an amazing amount of valuable content, insight, writing and editing skills.
  • 11 teachers from Calgary Board of Education and Foothills School Divisions participated in 2 focus groups in the fall of 2001 to help us define the website’s structure and resource needs. It was from them that our vision was solidified and made useful for teachers.
  • Working groups made up of 12 teachers and health educators met during the fall, winter, spring and summer of 2001/02 to share lesson plan ideas and to develop resources.
  • Over 50 teachers, sexual health educators and public health nurses from Calgary Board of Education, Foothills School Division, Calgary Health Region, and Headwaters Health Authority piloted the teacher portion of the website in the spring of 2002. Their critique of the website helped us to fine-tune our product.
  • 23 parents and students piloted their portions of the website in the fall of 2002, giving us great feedback about the site.
  • AIDS Calgary, Canadian Red Cross Society and Calgary Health Region Communicable Disease Division assisted with content and lesson plans specific to their area of expertise.
  • And the many project coordinators and provincial committee members that provided their expertise and time over the years!

You can contact us by emailing tsh@albertahealthservices.ca

Our mailing address:

Alberta Health Services
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Terms of Use

To the best of our ability, teachingsexualhealth.ca has referenced any material that has been used or adapted from other sources.

As a user of this website, you have permission to use (display or print) the information contained in this website (the “Resources”) for your own professional, non-commercial use, provided no part of the Resources are not modified. If you reproduce any part of the Resources for classroom use, please ensure that the following caption is included in the reproduction: “This written material is reproduced here with permission of Alberta Health Services.” No part of the Resources may be reproduced, modified or redistributed in any form without the prior written permission of Alberta Health Services, other than for classroom use as outlined above.

The Resources contain recommendations and activities to promote excellence in teaching sexual health based on the latest research and theory in the area of sexual health education and consultation with teachers, educators, and administrators. Nevertheless, users of this website are encouraged to review all material before presenting it to students to ensure that the resources and approaches complement your school/agency policies/philosophy, and your students unique learning needs. Although reasonable efforts were made to confirm the accuracy of the information contained in the Resources, Alberta Health Services does not make any representation or warranty, express, implied or statutory, as to the accuracy, reliability, completeness or applicability of such information. In no event will Alberta Health Services be responsible or liable for any error or consequence arising from the use of the information contained in the Resources.

By using teachingsexualhealth.ca (the “Resource”) you acknowledge that you understand and agree that the information contained in or provided through this Resource is intended for general understanding and education only and that this Resource is not intended to be and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician, nurse or other qualified health care provider before you undergo any treatment or for answers to any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Nothing contained in the Resource is intended to be or is to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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